How To Choose Sources For Writing A Research Paper

Are you asking yourself…how can I find good sources for my research paper? You’re on the right page.
In this article, you’re going to discover the different types of sources; and how to choose high-authority sources for your research paper.
Finding high-authority research paper sources isn’t a walk in the park. Unfortunately, the recipe for success in research paper writing is to conduct in-depth research of the problem. Thus you don’t have any other option than to learn how to find sources that will set you up for success with your research paper writing.

The good news is that finding research paper sources is possible, and hopefully, our tips will help you effectively do that. If you’re writing a complex assignment you can also find a place for buying research papers online. This way, your paper will be handled by professional research paper writers who can take care of choosing the right topic, finding research paper sources, writing, and editing the paper for you.

Sounds good? Alright, let’s dive in.

Understand The Different Types of Research Paper Sources

There are different types of sources to use when writing a research paper. However, not all students are aware of all of them. To write an excellent paper, you need to know them before you start the research process.

Below are the three main categories of academic resources for research papers.

Primary sources: As the name suggests, primary resources paper sources are those that serve as a foundation for different studies such as interviews, surveys, academic journals, etc.

Secondary sources: Secondary research paper resources describe the primary sources. They include books, articles, dictionaries, etc.

Tertiary: This category of research paper sources help with the organization and detection of the primary and secondary sources. They can either be abstracts that summarize various primary and secondary resources; indexes that consist of all the essential bibliographic information of different materials or databases that contain digital copies of different accredited sources.

Identify Your Research Paper Topic

Your topic will inform the research paper sources to use thus it’s important to know what topic to write about first. Having a clear understanding of the topic will help you know what you’re looking for and where.

First, try to come up with a clear question. Ensure the question is relevant and clear from the start.

Understand the Purpose of the Paper

During your college years, you’re going to write different research projects for different purposes. To simplify the process of finding authority sources, have the purpose of the project in mind.

Create a List of Ideas

It’d be easier to identify your research paper sources if you have a list of relevant ideas and keywords related to the topic you’re writing about. In fact, this will help to speed up the search for information around your topic.

Combine Different Types of Sources

Having understood the different types of research papers sources, the next step is to mix them. One mistake that students make that complicated their research paper writing is to use the normal (books and journal articles) sources. While these are great resources, to compile an interesting and unique paper, you need to use a combination of different sources.

In this case, you need to consider mixing other resources like magazines, newspaper articles, scholarly journals, Google books, personal interviews, etc.

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